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Ceramic My Car Logo. Ceramic My Car is the #1 Ceramic Pro installer in Orange County. Ceramic Pro installer near you in Orange County.

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We are the #1 Ceramic Pro Installer in Orange County!

Ceramic My Car is a certified Ceramic Pro installer, Suntek auto window tint authorized installer and Suntek Paint protection film installer in Orange, CA. We have ceramic coated and applied clear bra PPF / Tint to 1000s of vehicles since our inception. Our 5 star shops located throughout Orange County give you peace of mind that we are experts at what we do. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and quality work protect your investment. Talk to a Ceramic Pro specialist for a free consultation! We would love to answer any questions you may have and show you what makes Ceramic My Car successful. 


We carry liability insurance to make sure that you and your car are covered. 

Our tint artists, clear bra installers and auto detailers take pride in their work. They clean their work stations after each car to ensure a clean work environment. Our shop is cleaned on a daily basis. 

Clear Bra - Ceramic Coating - Suntek Window Tint

What Our Customers Say About Us

Clear bra PPF - Ceramic Coating - Ceramic IR Window Tint

“Chris did amazing job. My model Y got full front end PPF, Ceramic Pro Coating and all windows UV coat including roof and windshield! This is our 4th Tesla including Model X & 3 , Tesla's cheap paint job is notorious known and we always get full protections. Ceramic my car came to the TOP & BEST detail shop we ever used in the past. No crack, no bubble, it's silky gross and satisfied my OCD perfection. I live Newport Beach but will drive to Orange any day to get my car shine. All other shop we used in the past has some kind of flaws and we hated to keep going back to fix issues, I love ceramic car but hope I don't need to go back to fix issues but for new service. Thanks Chris!."

Rugby G. - Newport Beach, CA


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