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Are you looking for a reputable auto window tint shop in Lake Forest? Ceramic My Car is a tint shop in Lake Forest, CA and offers Suntek auto window tinting services. Suntek offers various tint series to accommodate your needs and budget. Manufactured with nano ceramic & carbon technology that blocks up to 96% of IR heat giving you ultimate comfort. Suntek window films protect you & your passengers from UV rays & offer protection & safety against theft & shattered glass in accidents. Stop the sun from burning you while driving. We offer warranty on all of our installs to give you piece of mind after tinting your car. Our window tint artists have years of experience installing tint. Our shop specializes in window tinting Teslas. We can tint the Tesla Model 3 back window in one piece, Model Y sunroof in one piece, Model S sunroof in one piece and Model X Windshield in one piece. 

Standard Carbon Series (Entry level) 

Good entry level tint for smaller budgets. Privacy oriented. Comes with a 3 year warranty. 
carbon HR.PNG

CXP Carbon

carbon HR.PNG
Better tint material for smaller budgets. Provides privacy and some heat rejection. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ceramic IR 

Better tint material for those looking to get more from their tint. Provides great heat rejection, excellent glare reduction and UV protection. Comes with a lifetime warranty.
Blue tesla model y.PNG

Nano Ceramic IR Evolve Series

Best tint material on the market for those looking to get more from their tint. Best heat rejection, excellent glare reduction and 99% UV ray protection. Impressively rejecting up to 96% of infrared heat. Comes with a lifetime warranty.


What is your warranty on window tint? 

Ceramic My Car offers lifetime warranty on the installation of our Suntek Carbon, Suntek Ceramic IR and Suntek Evolve series tint. This protects you against bubbling, peeling or discoloration. 

What is the difference between the different film types?

Suntek Ceramic IR tint blocks more IR heat than Suntek Carbon tint. If you are looking for the best film with the highest heat rejection, then Suntek Evolve Ceramic Series tint is the way to go. Any car can benefit from Suntek Evolve Ceramic Series tint by reducing the burning sensation of the sun and reduce glare for a more comfortable driving experience. We recommend applying Suntek Ceramic IR or Suntek Evolve series tint on your windshield for the best protection from the summer heat. Tesla vehicles benefit from a Suntek Ceramic IR or Evolve series tint because Tesla cars have a lot of glass windows.

Do I need to get a dark film to get the benefits of heat rejection? 

No. With Suntek Ceramic IR or Suntek Evolve series tint, you do not need to get a dark tint to receive the benefits of high IR (heat reduction) benefit that Ceramic IR and Evolve tint offers. You can get a lighter or clear tint to get the high heat rejection benefits. We recommend 70% (clear) on the windshield to reduce heat. 

tint shades.PNG

Shades range from 5% (darkest) to 70% (Clear)

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Ceramic My Car
Suntek films certified auto window tint installer in Lake Forest. 

Visit the shop: 1043 W Collins Ave Orange, CA 92867

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