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Paint Protection Film For Teslas

Are you looking for a reputable Tesla clear bra paint protection (PPF) shop in Menifee? Ceramic My Car is a paint protection film shop specializing in Teslas in Menifee, CA and offers KAVACA paint protection film by Ceramic Pro, Suntek paint protection film and Stek paint protection film. Combined, these are the leaders in the auto paint protection film industry. PPF protect your vehicle from rock chips and scratches. Our PPF will NOT  peel or bubble. We offer warranty on all of our clear bra installs to give you piece of mind after installing clear bra on your Tesla. Our paint protection film artists have years of experience installing clear bra on Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S. 

The advanced technology infused in Ceramic Pro’s Kavaca Paint Protection Film allows this PPF to instantly heal – without spending hours in the sunlight or direct exposure of heat. The top coat is also extremely hydrophobic, allowing water, pollen, bird droppings, bug splatters, and tree sap to be removed without using harsh chemical cleaning agents.

  • Extreme high gloss surface

  • Instant scratch healing without heating

  • Slick surface due to nanoceramic top coat

  • Reduced orange peel and no glue marks with PPF installation gel

  • Advanced chemical and corrosion resistance

  • Resistance to high temperatures

  • 12 Year Warranty

Stek PPF

 Our nano-ceramic top coat is bonded to the film at a molecular level providing extreme hydrophobic properties and virtually eliminating the need for waxes and after-market top coatings. DYNOshield also has strong self-healing properties allowing light surface scratches to "heal" back to a smooth and glossy finish. Our proprietary top coat combined with UV-resistant, anti-yellowing adhesives gives DYNOshield unique clarity and performance with extreme puncture resistance.

  • Glossy Finish

  • 8 mils thick

  • Hydrophobic (Advanced water repelling properties)

  • Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants)

  • Stain Resistant

  • Self-Healing (by heat or hot water)

  • 10 Year warranty

Model S_edited.png

Reaction PPF

PPF Ultra

The next-level of performance in PPF; this innovative product integrates the super hydrophobicity of ceramic coating with premium, self-healing paint protection film.

  • High gloss

  • Self healing with heat

  • PPF with ceramic coating benefits 

  • 12 year warranty

SunTek Ultra is specially engineered to limit the moisture and dirt that accumulates on the film’s surface. This prolongs its long-lasting gloss appearance, while delivering premium paint protection performance against stains, rocks and road debris. 

  • High gloss

  • Self healing with heat

  • excellent stain and scratch resistance 

  • 10 year warranty

Ceramic Pro Irvine business logo. Ceramic My Car is the #1 Ceramic Pro coating installer in Irvine Orange County. Ceramic Pro Irvine coating installer near you in Irvine Orange County.

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Kavaca ceramic coated paint protection film in Irvine Orange County near you. Kavaca ceramic coated clear bra in Irvine Orange County near you.
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