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Are you looking for a Stealth PPF Matte conversion in Orange County? You can take any gloss vehicle and give it that modern matte look by applying matte clear bra PPF. Unlike painted matte finish car wraps which offer little to no protection from road hazards, KAVACA Matte PPF gives you the looks and the protection in one clear film. While KAVACA Instant-Healing PPF in gloss is the ultimate in instant self-healing protection, if you must have that amazing matte look, KAVACA Matte Finish PPF is the way to do it. KAVACA Matte PPF does self-heal, but unlike Instant-Healing PPF, it requires heat to do so. Turn your current color into matte. Go stealth mode. Amazing results. Are you looking for stealth matte paint protection film in Orange County? Give us a call and a Ceramic Pro specialist will be happy to assist. 

Full car ppf.png

Stealth PPF Conversion

Full vehicle matte paint protection film installation to transform your current color from gloss to matte.

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